App User Guide (FAQ)

Table of Contents


Table of Contents                                                                    2

A Jobuar Welcome                                                                  3

Getting Started                                                                        4

The Jobuar App                                                                   4

Tips for Success on Jobuar                                                  5

Profile Picture: The First Step to A Top Notch Profile           5

Completing your Profile                                                        6

Accepting Your First Job                                                          7

Notifications                                                                         7

Finding Jobs                                                                        7

Picking Up A Job                                                                  7

Completing A Job                                                                    8

Accepting Jobs (Accept)                                                      8

Do The Job (Start)                                                               8

Finishing The Job (Complete)                                              8

Get Paid (Approved)                                                            8

Withdraws / No-Shows                                                            9

Withdrawing from a job                                                        9

Breach of Contract Policy                                                    9

Rating System                                                                       10

What is the rating system?                                                 10

How do we calculate your rating?                                      10

Jobuar Badges                                                                      12

What are badges?                                                              12

Referral Bonus                                                                       13

Jobuar Support                                                                      14

Jobuar Support is Available to Help You!                           14

Let's Talk                                                                               15

A Jobuar Welcome

Welcome to our community at Jobuar!


We’ve written this guide to make your experience using the Jobuar app as seamless and enjoyable as possible. We want to make it easy for you to find and accept work in real-time, so that you never have to miss a great work opportunity again. And the best part is, you get to work when you want, where you want, and for whomever you want.


We look forward to seeing you out there as you start Jobuaring!



Getting Started

An introduction to the app, Tips for Success, Creating a Professional Profile Picture and a Strong Profile


The Jobuar App

Everything you will need to start Jobuaring is in the Jobuar App.



1)  Nearby Jobs: a map of all the jobs near you (you can also view in list format)


2)  Profile: track the number of jobs you've completed and your rating, see the badges you have earned


3)  My Jobs: see the jobs that you have accepted and completed


4)  Pay: set up your preferred payment method, we connect with bank accounts and prepaid cards


5)  Free Money: your unique promo code that you can share with friends to earn extra money after they earn a 5-star rating after completing their first job.

6)  Promotions: a list of current promotions


5) Support: check out our detailed help center for all things Jobuar


Make sure you keep Notifications and Location Services turned on so that you can see when new jobs get posted!


Tips for Success on Jobuar

Veteran Jobuarers provide tips for success on the Jobuar FAQ platform (coming in Future)


Profile Picture: The First Step to A Top-Notch Profile

Your profile photo is visible to businesses/requestors. We recommend putting your best face/ photo forward. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when selecting a profile picture:




1.A smile goes a long way and makes a wonderful first impression! 2.Please frame your face in the middle of the screen.

3.Please do not use group shots. You should be the only person in the photo 4. Your appearance should be neat and professional.

Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words :)


Completing your Profile

We recommend building out your profile with some of your work history and share your job preferences.


Other Jobuarers and Requestors can view your profile, and let you know about opportunities you may be interested in.

Feel free to share your public profile online if you are looking for other opportunities. Click "Share" or "Copy" to share your profile.

Remember: You can build out and update your profile at any point during your journey on Jobuar!

Accepting Your First Job


Once you have signed in, please tap the menu button on the top left of the screen and turn Notifications on to receive on-demand notifications for new job postings in your area. Remember to leave Notifications on whenever you are free and looking for work.


(Yellow on the switch indicates on)


Also, please keep in mind that the higher your rating ( 5stars is best!), the earlier you get notified of jobs and the more access you get to the best ones.


Finding Jobs

As long as you have Notifications on, you will receive push notifications when a new job is posted near you. You will get this push notification whether you have the Jobuar app open, running in the background, or your phone is not in use.


Picking Up A Job

When a notification arrives, pushing “View” will send you to the job posting. There you’ll find: Job Description, Requestor, Pay, Start Time, Duration, Type of Work, and Location.


Alternatively, view the job map or list to see what is available in your area. Keep in mind that, due to high demand, jobs are often taken very quickly by other Jobuarers. Don’t panic if you don’t see any jobs available. If you do not see any jobs on the map or list, it just means that all available jobs have been accepted by other Jobuarers.


The 4 steps to doing a job are as follows and are outlined in the following sections:


1.  Accept


2.  Start


3.  Complete


4.  Approved

Completing A Job

Accept, Start, Complete, Approved


Accepting Jobs (Accept)

If the job is right for you, press the “Accept” button.


Note: If you chose to accept a job, you are committing to showing up and performing to the best of your ability. Please only accept jobs that you are sure you can commit to and do well.


Do The Job (Start)

When you arrive, push the “Start” button to begin work. This will also notify the Requestor that you have arrived and are ready to begin.


While the job is in progress, please refer to your Requestor for instructions on what to do. If you accepted a job where the Requestor is remote, you should rely on the directions in the job description.


If you have any questions or concerns, you should message the Requestor, or if necessary, call or text. The in-app messaging system is similar to iPhone’s iMessage but with a time transcript of milestones for this job. (It is accessible on the job description page in the top corner the icon looks like an envelope).


Finishing The Job (Complete)

When your work is finished, push the “Complete” button to confirm that you finished the work requested.


This must be done so the Requestor can rate and approve your job.


Get Paid (Approved)

You will have the ability to input your direct deposit or debit card information at any time in the Jobuar application. This process won't be repeated for your future jobs. Once you are set up, pay will be directly deposited into your bank account as early as the next business day. Please note that payment timing depends on your bank’s ACH timing and may take up to 5 business days. To ensure a smooth process, please enter your name as written on your social security card.

Withdraws / No-Shows

Withdrawing from a job

We do understand that things happen and there are times when you may not be able to complete a job after you have accepted it. Please be responsible and make sure to let Jobuar know at least 12 hours ahead of time.


Please keep in mind that you may be asked to provide proof of illness or the emergency. Withdrawing from a job with less than 12 hours notice will result in restricted access to new jobs on Jobuar.


Below is the correct way to withdraw from a job.


Use the app to withdraw from the job 12 hours or more prior to the start of the job

  PLEASE DO NOT ask the Requestor to cancel you from the job. It is your responsibility to withdraw from this job so that it can be re-posted automatically and a new Jobuarer can fill your spot.

Note: If the Requestor makes a time / payment change to a job you have accepted, you will be able to withdraw. Please let us know immediately that you can no longer do the job by contacting support@Jobuar.com.


Breach of Contract Policy

As a Jobuarer, when you accept a job you have created a contract to perform services. Failing to perform these services constitutes a breach of the contract. If you no-show, withdraw from a job less than 12 hours before the start time, receive a rating of 3 stars or less, or ask the Requestor to cancel a job for you instead of withdrawing on your own within the app, then you are breaching the contract.


First Breach = 3-day restricted access to new jobs and removal from any accepted jobs

Second Breach = 7-day restricted access to new jobs and removal from any accepted jobs

Third Breach = Permanent restricted access to new jobs and removal from any accepted jobs.


  1 breach = Any withdrawal from a job less than 12 hours before the job start time

  1 breach = Withdrawing from 3 jobs or a multi-day job (12+ hours before the start time) within 30 days.

  1 breach = Any 1, 2, or 3 star rating

  1 breach = Asking the Requestor to cancel a job for you instead of withdrawing on your own within the app.

  Any no-show after the "start" time will automatically result in permanent restricted access to new jobs and removal from any accepted jobs.

After 30 days, if no additional breaches are incurred, your breaches will reset to 0.

Rating System

What is the rating system?

Your profile includes your picture, phone number, badges, and star rating all of which will be accessible to the Requestor when you accept a job. Once you complete a job, the requestor will provide feedback based on your work performance for that day.


Requestors rate Jobuarer performance based upon the following scale: 5 = Outstanding job!

4 = Nice work.


3 = Unsatisfactory.

2 = Poor Performance. 1 = Unacceptable.

Maintaining a high rating is important because it gives you priority access to jobs.


How do we calculate your rating?

There are 2 types of ratings you'll see.


1.  Overall rating

2.  Job category ratings


Overall Rating


Your overall rating is based on the last 23 jobs you complete. That means if your overall rating happens to dip because you had an off day and got a less than 5 star rating, you can always increase your overall rating by knocking it out of the park on future jobs. Your overall rating counts jobs in all categories you work. So, if you worked at a warehouse on Monday and then picked up a delivery job on Wednesday, both would count toward your overall rating.


Job category ratings


Jobuar will still calculate the average rating for each job category. So if you've completed 10 warehouse jobs, you will still be able to see an average rating for just the warehouse jobs you've done.


If you have also completed 5 Customer Service jobs, there will be a separate average rating based on all the jobs in that category.


When we calculate the average rating for a job category, we count all the jobs you've completed,

not just the last 23. Requestors will also be able to see how many jobs you've completed in a particular category.

Jobuar Badges

What are badges?

Badges are awarded to Jobuarers upon achievement of a certain number of jobs with high

ratings. Our badging program helps Jobuarers document their growing skills and progress towards their professional goals. Additionally, Jobuarers can earn three levels of badges in each of the six job categories. Listed below are the six categories in which a badge can be earned and the requirements to earn each type of badge.


1.  Fulfillment and Warehousing

2.  Delivery 3.Administrative 4.Events 5.Merchandising

6.Brand Representative (this badge includes Customer Service, Sales, Brand Ambassador, or Marketing jobs)


Bronze: 10 or more approved jobs in a particular category and a 4.90+ rating

Silver: 25+ approved jobs and a 4.90+ rating

Gold: 100+ approved jobs and a 4.90+ rating


The awards for badges are as follows:


Bronze: $20 Reward

Silver: $50 Reward and a Jobuar t-shirt.

Gold: $100 Reward and a 3% Bonus on all jobs completed in that category.


* Cash bonuses and other rewards are only earned the first time a badge is earned. Here's an example:


James earns a bronze badge in the warehousing category. It's his first badge ever. He will get the

$20 bonus. James goes on to complete more jobs for warehouse companies and eventually earns his Silver warehouse badge. James will now get the $50 bonus and a t-shirt. James then decides he wants to try a new kind of job and starts doing delivery jobs. He completed enough delivery jobs to earn a Bronze Delivery badge. James won't get the $20 bonus because he's already earned a bronze Warehouse badge.

Referral Bonus


1. Refer a Friend: When your friends sign up for Jobuar, ask them to enter your referral code under "referred by" while they sign up.* If they get 5 stars on their first job, you each will get a $25 bonus!


(The referrer can only receive a referral bonus if he/she has completed at least 1 job prior to the referee completing a job)


2. Refer a Business: If you know of a business operator who could benefit from Jobuar, please introduce us to them. Perhaps a company you work for / have worked for is always in need of help? Refer a business and earn


Jobuar Support

Jobuar Support is Available to Help You!

Jobuar support is available to answer your questions related to technical issues, jobs on the platform, payment issues, ratings, badging and any other general inquiries. Never contact the Requestor regarding issues related to your rating, payments or canceling jobs. Jobuar Support will contact the Requestor on your behalf to protect the relationship between the Jobuarer and the Requestor.


Once a question is submitted, please allow time for Jobuar Support to respond to your request, before sending an additional email. Some responses may take longer if support needs to research the answer or contact a Requestor.

You can email Jobuar support at Support@Jobuar.com


Let's Talk
+65 66357618

Community Manager

Geana Ong Geana@Jobuar.com